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United By Sacrifice Concert Fans, With the Current uptick in Covid Cases and Canadian restrictions for travel, The Guess Who asked to move our Concert Event Date to Saturday September 11th, 2021. This isn't what we hoped for but with the current situations going on around the country and outside of our country we really have no control or say. We appreciate you all for the support. So anyone who has last year's event tickets or purchased tickets this year, they are valid and will be honored September 11th, 2021. We'll update you as to the full lineup of bands for that Date! Again we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support The Coleman Veterans Memorial Board

Thank you for your support,
The Coleman Veterans Memorial Board

*** ***


     The Coleman Veterans Memorial Committee is made up of local residents devoted to the education of
our community’s youth, residents and visitors regarding the sacrifices and services of our nation’s service
men and women.

     Our goals are to collect funds to create and maintain the Coleman Veterans Memorial.
It is our intent to continue to raise funds for upkeep of the said memorial and to assist in the creation of
other memorials honoring our nation’s service men and women.


We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. Our primary mission is to:

  • A. Raising funds and expending those funds for the purpose of purchasing, displaying, and
    maintaining public statues and memorials in honor and remembrance of veterans of the Armed
    Forces or the United States who served, sacrificed, or became missing in action in armed
  • B. Placing such statues and memorials in a public park owned by the City of Coleman.
  • C. Educating the public about the United States armed conflicts, honoring those who served, and
    promoting patriotism by reminding the public of the sacrifices made by our soldiers on their behalf
  • D. Distributing property to qualified charitable organizations; For purposes of these Articles, the
    term “qualified charitable organization” shall mean an organization which is described in Section
    170(c)(1) or (2) of the Code
  • E. Performing any and all lawful activities that may be incidental to or reasonably necessary for
    accomplishing the forgoing purposes.

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